A garage startup

Every startup has a different story of its launching. Some possess sufficient human and capital resources and others begin with a “garage enterprise”, having a small team and a common ambitious idea. Both have their risks and obstacles, and those ones able to overcome and foresee them will eventually win the “race”.
However, this article is about the second category of startups, ones using just Internet as the only mean to promote themselves at the beginning. Eduardo Manchón, a co-founder of the one of the most successful Spanish startups, called Panoramio, shares his own experience and gives advices for those inspired by the idea to start a business from a “garage”.

First of all, if to start a business in the Internet and in a form of a “garage enterprise”, Eduardo, recommends to begin with a young team of two or three people whom you trust and who are not obliged by any contract between each other.

It is better not to worry about any legal issues, till the business really shows some results. There is no point in dedicating the time to any bureaucracy when it is not an issue of a first instance, especially if there is a risk that the startup will not succeed. The most important at this stage is development, and, indeed, it always is. It is also crucial to understand whether people like the idea, the concept of your entity. Once you figure that out, here comes the second stage: begin to obtain economic gain.

If it comes to concrete numbers, says Eduardo, 2000 visitors per day is not a big number, however, when the entity exceeds five million barrier of views, it already equals to one team member’s salary. Yet, the most relevant point one should focus on, is not the popularity of the business, but results it gives, whether it grows and develops.
To make the process spin, there are three elements indispensable: organization, ideas and development of ideas. To facilitate this, a startup might need a programmer.

The last important thing to keep in mind is that the project needs to be presented to a potential client even if at the first glance it seems not to be yet completed. In this way, consumer gives orientation, signifies about his tastes and preferences.

Information available from (last consulted on Feb 24, 2016) “Historia de Panoramio, start-up de garaje.
Link: La evolución del negocio en internet” – César Krall.

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