About the project

SUI (Start Up’s Internationalization) is an EU wide partnership designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourages success in international activities for startup end entrepreneur.

The project is based on an innovative training course for the internationalization of the startups that will serve as a guide to solve the special needs for startup and entrepreneurs. This course will be complemented with an e-learning platform that will work as support for trainers in face to face course and on-line training.

In this way, SUI pursue to provide and support the properly environment to promote entrepreneurs attitude about the vital importance of internationalization of the startup in early stages.

The essential goal of this partnership is to analyze the most frequent Start-Ups problems and barriers in effective internationalization prove.

Our main objectives are focused on developing quality and practical Life Long Learning support, with a strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

SUI is complementary with one project in particular which is already carried out by Leonardo partnership. This project is called Sart-Up Communities (SUC) designed to “identify core and innovative learning and delivery components of a service/programme/community that best encourages, inspires, supports and enables successful start-ups”. SUI has been developed in order to go one step further, in this case by introducing innovative training course, designed to make accessible all international commerce. This innovative part of SUI and its complementary with SUC is the key to success of the cooperation and fantastic added value in the process of support the Start-Up Community.