Futur en Seine 2016

Futur en Seine is the largest free and open meeting on innovation in Europe. An event where creators, developers and other major players in French and international innovation gather from around the world. Demos, conferences, workshops, business appointments: Futur en Seine is an immersion in the world of digital innovation.

EBN TechCamp: Open Minds

The EBN TechCamp is the main EBN technical event where incubation and acceleration practitioners from EU|BICs all over Europe and beyond come together for mutual learning, experience exchange and enhancement of technical know-how. This year the focus is on Open Minds, reminding us that business innovation is having to embrace a new mind-set which is […]


EU finance for SMEs

Driven by the Europe 2020 Strategy, European Commission prepared the Entrepreneur 2020 Action Plan. One of the key area is focused on “A BETTER ACCESS TO FINANCE”. Without adequate funding and without liquidity, no business can operate, invest and grow. European Commission supports and promotes SMEs as one of the main force in EU economy. […]

Spain Tech Week

Spain Tech Week is an event focused on digital business, in a competitive and innovative scenario worldwide, Silicon Valley. Spain Tech Week has a double aim. In one hand, it’s aimed to increase knowledge about American market and to promote internationalization in enterprises.

Coworking Spain Conference

The 5th edition of the CoworkingSpainConference will be held in Barcelona on 20th and 21st May at the CREC space. Preparations are underway for the celebration of the 5th edition of the Coworking Spain Conference, the largest Coworking event held in Spain. This edition seeks to overcome the 250 people who attended the last edition […]


Going global….with SUI!

Everyday we see thousands if not millions of entrepreneurs worldwide wanting to expand their businesses to other markets. But why do some succeed and others don’t? Let me start by presenting the best motto for internationalizing your start-up “go for it with everything or don’t go at all!” If you want your start-up to survive […]


A garage startup

Every startup has a different story of its launching. Some possess sufficient human and capital resources and others begin with a “garage enterprise”, having a small team and a common ambitious idea. Both have their risks and obstacles, and those ones able to overcome and foresee them will eventually win the “race”. However, this article […]


Aren’t all European countries the same?

A major decision in any internationalisation journey is identifying your target market. To do this effectively and accurately for your business requires you to have an in-depth understanding about the markets you are researching. We all build up pre-conceptions about other countries, their people, culture and business environment – but how can we make sure […]