Innovate 2015


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Markets: today or tomorrow?

Being able to know how markets are changing is a very useful skill, on which several resources are spent all the time. The analysis, if correct, can tell us which is the best University to attend, which subjects we should learn, how we should complement our academic learning with practical experience and which jobs will […]

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Isidre March (AJEV) : how the start-ups can expand to other markets.

“Internationalization of startups and investment rounds go hand by hand” From AJEV, we interviewed a worldwide expert of start-ups, Isidre March, Director of the Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies of the University of Valencia. In addition, he is Professor of Management at the same University and Director of the Research project of […]


Five Tips to internationalize your startup

Internationalization is a crucial moment for any company. If we talk about startups, this movement can be the key to success. Let’s talk about some valuable tips for when you give the big jump. One of the biggest challenges for a new company is in its growth and expansion. Either by the current economic situation […]

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How are released successful startups?

Starting a business, taking it off and succeeding. So begins the path of any entrepreneur and, accordingly, any start-up. But to get the last step is necessary to build the solid basis of a business idea, a challenge for which should take into account many aspects. The establishment of an effective communication management is one […]