Entrepreneurship in education

Florida Universitaria is a higher, technical and business educational institution, where postgraduate, university, VET courses, secondary education, continuous training and language courses are provided. It is an innovative and dynamic institution, aware of company and societal needs, in which training for youngsters and professionals is based on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow them […]

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Join a Startup Community!

Are you a risk-taker? Have you developed your own project? Have you ever felt a moment of insecurity? You must know something… you are not alone entrepreneur! Actually, there is a great variety of networks, addressed to all those people involved in the entrepreneurial world. They are called STARTUP COMMUNITIES. The Startup Communities connect people with […]


Empowering young Entrepreneurs

90 entrepreneurs per month receive support and consultancy. More than 30 new companies were created thanks to this support in 2015. More than doubled new enterprises are expected to be created within this year. AJEV and its office Impulsa Joven are committed to a main objective: to promote entrepreneurship in our talented young people and to […]


STARTing Portugal UP

Turning the “big dream” into “ambition, drive and goal” in Portugal is closer to reality than ever. On the occasion of the official launch of the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship at the StartUP Portugal event, the goal becomes very clear – to turn Portugal into the best friend of European Start-ups, thanks to its 3 […]


EU finance for SMEs

Driven by the Europe 2020 Strategy, European Commission prepared the Entrepreneur 2020 Action Plan. One of the key area is focused on “A BETTER ACCESS TO FINANCE”. Without adequate funding and without liquidity, no business can operate, invest and grow. European Commission supports and promotes SMEs as one of the main force in EU economy. […]


Going global….with SUI!

Everyday we see thousands if not millions of entrepreneurs worldwide wanting to expand their businesses to other markets. But why do some succeed and others don’t? Let me start by presenting the best motto for internationalizing your start-up “go for it with everything or don’t go at all!” If you want your start-up to survive […]


A garage startup

Every startup has a different story of its launching. Some possess sufficient human and capital resources and others begin with a “garage enterprise”, having a small team and a common ambitious idea. Both have their risks and obstacles, and those ones able to overcome and foresee them will eventually win the “race”. However, this article […]


Aren’t all European countries the same?

A major decision in any internationalisation journey is identifying your target market. To do this effectively and accurately for your business requires you to have an in-depth understanding about the markets you are researching. We all build up pre-conceptions about other countries, their people, culture and business environment – but how can we make sure […]