Empowering young Entrepreneurs

90 entrepreneurs per month receive support and consultancy. More than 30 new companies were created thanks to this support in 2015. More than doubled new enterprises are expected to be created within this year.

AJEV and its office Impulsa Joven are committed to a main objective: to promote entrepreneurship in our talented young people and to give value to their enormous skills and abilities in the development of their business.

In this line, recognizing their work and effort that contribute to create wealth is our society is the first step. It was the real reason why we celebrated the annual Young Entrepreneur Award 2016. Last celebration took place in 2009 and this year was back in full force, concurring with the 30th Anniversary of AJEV.



Casfid as “Young Innovative Enterprise”

Throughout this award we aimed to recognize their work and call society to be aware of their potential. The prize was divided into 4 categories and we would to present the winners:

“Young Entrepreneur Award”

MyWigo. Spanish Company of reference in high-technology products in communications: Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches. It emerged in 2005 and has had an exponential growth and international expansion.

MyWigo Oficial

“Young Innovative Enterprise”

Casfid. Company dedicated to technologies development  in  person identification in events by radio frequency.


“Social Enterprise”

Alternativa y Gestión del Conflicto. Young Enterprise managed by 100% women and  dedicated to community mediaiton and social management services.

Alternativa GC

“Job-creating Enterprise”

L&S Abogados. They offer each client personalised, multidisciplinary legal services, as well as counsel on internationalisation projects. They have tripled the number of workers in the last 3 years.


We aim these recognitions to enable the growing number of young people to lead their projects and consolidate their companies.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

You can see the summary of the event here

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