Creating a start-up is always a big step, but getting people to know it is another main issue. New companies are usually unable to compete on a marketing basis with big enterprises, and it becomes an important disadvantage.

In order to make potential customers know your new brand, and decide to acquire your product or service, it is necessary for them to actually hear about you. It is a tough work, both because of the competition around the start-up and the usual lack of a big budget. However, there are several tools available to these new entrepreneurs in order to get visibility in the market.

An action having a lot of repercussion worldwide is to accept Bitcoins in the purchases; it generates a lot of feedback both in communication and social media. Companies such as Microsoft or the Fortune magazine allow right now making purchases using the Bitcoin.

It is also crucial to take into account how even if the main intention of the company is to create direct and indirect business actions, public exposure is always going to be a two-way road. The company needs to be prepared to deal with any response from the client, both positively and negatively; and it should remember public information cannot always be controlled.

A good option for those start-ups with low budget and a social background is to get a celebrity to sponsor the project. Creating a crowfunding campaign increases as well the visibility of the start-up, and allows validating the business idea before actually putting it into practice.

Another possibility is to use an investment model called media for equity, created in Germany on the 90’s and consisting on acquiring advertising spots on the media at a better price, in exchange for shares from the company.

An interesting tool available nowadays to low budget start-ups is a “growth hacker”. This type of employment combines marketing and programming, giving the ability to look for low cost ways to optimize the start-up presence on the digital media.

However, both new and traditional companies should never forget one of the main tools regarding visibility, social knowledge and new customers is a totally free one: positive word of mouth will always be an effective attraction to new clients, though uncontrollable.

Information available from (last consulted on Feb 2, 2016) “Fórmulas low cost para dar a conocer tu start up” Elena Arrieta (17/02/2015) available on

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