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764249 2-01Are you a risk-taker? Have you developed your own project? Have you ever felt a moment of insecurity?

You must know something… you are not alone entrepreneur! Actually, there is a great variety of networks, addressed to all those people involved in the entrepreneurial world. They are called STARTUP COMMUNITIES.

The Startup Communities connect people with same concerns and preoccupations. They find the necessary support by exchanging experience and knowledge. Risk-takers and people who have been encouraged to develop their business are known to be more positive and optimist people than others. That’s why connecting and interacting with them is helpful and beneficial for the daily routine.

In Spain there are around 2000 startups, and more than 100 startup communities.

The 3 main cities where startups are growing faster are: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

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Resource: startupxplore.com



There are different kinds of startup communities and each one has different principles and objectives:

  1. Entrepreneurs, business people and freelance associations. Professional associations are useful since they are focus on same professions and fields. For example, AJEV is one of them, addressed to young entrepreneurs and part of the Spanish confederation CEAJE.
  2. Public organizations: at national, regional or local level.
  3. Specialized social networks: they have become very successful at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. For Example Emprende Network , Or emprendexl

There are many other specific Startup Communities, that you can check out online. As for example:

Club del emprendimiento

With more than 93.000 members, it is the biggest Community for SMEs, freelance and entrepreneurs all over Spain. They offer many services, such as formation (online and offline courses), consulting and mentoring and a business angels network.

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Iniciador Foundation aims to promote entrepreneurial culture, enhance the social perception of entrepreneur profile, foster networking and provide continuous training. Iniciador organizes events around the world each month where have participated more than 24.000 entrepreneurs.

It’s an immense world of entrepreneurship out there…

Learn, share and make it happen!


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