• Juan Roig has directly aimed to entrepreneurs over 10 million of his personal contribution since 2013.
• The selected teams of entrepreneurs , which Will be installed by September in Marina Business, Lanzadera headquarters in Valencia, will continue to have funding of up to 200,000 euros to develop their projects.

• After boosting 27 companies in three years and keeping other 27 in acceleration, which has led to the creation of 127 direct jobs, the aim of Lanzadera is to create 200 businesses in its first decade of life.

Lanzadera, Juan Roig accelerator that promotes the creation of innovative entreprises and supports entrepreneurial leadership by fully private capital, opens its fourth call for entrepreneurs with innovative projects, no matter the sector or the origin thereof. This new edition has some new features compared to previous ones, including that there is no predetermined number of teams selected and the program will begin in September 2016 and will last nine months.

The deadline for registration is February 29th through the website (, with previous Access to information and needed documentation. Selected teams will join the program to receive the specific training, economic and structural resources to convert their projects to a production unit.

Another news: the finalists will perform a pre-acceleration stay of five days in July to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and provide initial advice. Selected teams will stay behind this part of the fourth edition of the program.

Javier Jimenez, CEO of Lanzadera:“in these three years of life we ​​have chosen to boost diverse business proposals from new technologies and mobile applications to online and offline framed sector ‘s companies. We look at people with good ideas and eager to develop them because we believe that if the idea is good and the team is involved, you can transform dreams into realities and ideas in business.”

Jimenez explained that the accelerator has two different programs since 2015: Lanzadera Program for projects in a more maturestatus and Starts Program to projects and ideas at a very early stage. “These two programs try to suit the level of development of projects, to offer entrepreneurs a more specific and tailored training to their needs, teaching a successful management model, the Total Quality Model, based in productive work, effort and leadership.”

The Lanzadera program consists of three phases. During the first three months up to December 2016 entrepreneurs will develop and implement its business plan and its implementation schedule, and may receive up to 100,000 euros of funding. In the second part of the program up to May 2017, a new implementation schedule receiving up to 200,000 euros accumulated in both phases. From June 2017, the teams conclude the program and go out to “open sea”.

200 companies in 10 years

In its commitment to foster entrepreneurship, the forecase is to create 200 companies in 10 years. Since its ounding in 2013, 27 companies are driven and currently maintains 27 other in acceleration, which has led to the creation of 127 direct jobs.


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