Project Activities

For Sui Project we use two Intellectual Outputs:

The first

The first intellectual output is a Training Course Structure Development (O1): We are creating a fully resourced training programme which will improve the awareness, experience and skills required for internationalization of a start-up or small business. This course has all documentation, resources and guidance for trainers included and is functional independently of any outside involvement or consultation. As such it will be a stand alone resource that when disseminated across Europe can be used by ant individual or organization. The objective of the training course is to educate people in the necessary actions to take to build a pipeline for business outside of their own country and into the entirety of the EU. This provides academic content but also practical activities and functional experience that can be used directly following the course.

In the Preparation Phase we will Research Course Modules (O1-A1) in order to develop the training courses. In addition a Structured Learning Journey (O1-A2) will be created. The training courses will be organized in a structured modular journey and will ensure it is as flexible as possible to be used across the EU.

In the Implementation Phase we will Develop Modules Content (O1-A3), a research paper about the specific module of the course will be completed to have a firm and resilient structure for the module with the skeleton content created and agreed by the entire partnership.

At the Following-up Phase Creation of Activities to Complement Course Structure (O1-A4) will be developed. Firstly there will be an exchange of best practice and specific themes, and we’ll try to use this to add some original content in our course structure. Secondly, we’ll put in place some Skype reunions with all the partners in order to see together the last news and potential changes in each country. Through this we’ll be sure to have and updated course structure.

During the Closure Phase the Course Content will be Tested (O1-A5) via two technical meetings with technicians present who can collaborate with all trainers and the staff implied in order to test the course content and verify if the format is compatible with the e-learning platform. In addition we’ll Review Modules and Production of Final Course (O1-A6) putting in place an evaluation guide in order to judge the final course content and to bring some corrections and improvements where applicable. Finally our different courses will be available in different formats, so we have a Formatting and Documentation of Course Materials (O1-A7) then we’ll put in place one forum in relation with the course content,

The Second

About the second intellectual output an E-Learning Platform will be created by ASSIST developing learning modules for courses with some course authoring tools in order to make feasible the development of highly interactive and innovative courses.

In the Preparation Phase will be elaborated a Platform Specification and Architecture (O2-A1). ASSIST will work on designing the platform architecture based on elaborated specifications.

In the Implementation Phase we will Integrate Cloud Platform (O2-A2) for high scalability and availability on the e-Learning platform. The solution will be integrating it on his datacenter. The solution will allow e-Learning platform to scale and be highly available in cases of server failures. Also we will Implement Learning Modules for Courses (O2-A4) on e-Learning platform. Entrepreneurs can prepare courses for start-ups and students. ASSIST will implement the LMS module and a course authoring tool.

Finally we will Implement a Social Module (O2-A5) for interaction between entrepreneurs.

At Dissemination Phase we will Develop and Integrate e-Learning Platform (O2-A3) and integrate it on the cloud platform from previous task. It will be modular to allow easily expanding of platform new modules.

During the Following-up Phase we will Install/configure the platform courses (O2-A6) as specified on elaborated training course structure. At the end a Platform validation/testing (O2-A7) will be done by field trials and testing scenarios mapped and defined. Based on results achieved, modifications or corrections of functionalities will be made to the platform.

In addition during the dissemination phase a mini conference/seminar/event with interested stakeholders, as chambers of commerce, entrepreneurship associations, internal commerce authorities, etc will be done in our partner’s different countries:

  • Dissemination of the Training Course and the e-Learning Platform in Spain (E1)
  • Dissemination of the Training Course and the e-Learning Platform in Italy (E2)
  • Dissemination of the Training Course and the e-Learning Platform in Portugal (E3)
  • Dissemination of the Training Course and the e-Learning Platform in United Kingdom (E4)
  • Dissemination of the Training Course and the e-Learning Platform in Romania (E5)

All our partners are in charge of the event, conference or seminar belonging to its country and some of the other partners will assist to these events.