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Start-Up: Speak-Up

Being a founder is not easy. It can be lonely, very tiring and stressful for lots of different reasons. More often than not when we do speak to people about we are doing we make it positive, interesting and put our energy into it. This makes it sound good, invigorating and most of the time the people we are speaking to think it is a great life and a simple one. It is important to do this as often as possible, because it makes us more positive about what we are doing – more excited and energised, just because we are telling other people about it in a positive way. So never stop, always talk, and always ask. But remember to reflect on what you tell people and how they respond.

Now the challenge. As a founder it is natural to keep the negatives to yourself, to work hard to overcome them, and to face challenges alone. Doing this can be dangerous for your own health and for the success of your business. It may increase how stressed you are, your happiness and ultimately your ability to work efficiently and effectively. This does not however mean that the answer is to tell everyone that will listen about all of your problems, that will not help either. So what are the good options?

You need to find a solution that works for you and your business, but admitting and expressing the fact that it would be helpful, productive and useful to talk to someone honestly, openly and without fear of judgment is a very good start. There is no single right answer, no solution that makes founders happy and able to focus on the important things, but a founder in good spirits and good mental condition is a desirable thing, for them, their business and their friends and family.

Some methods people use are having a mentor that you trust and whose views and professional experience you respect and value, other people join a small group of other founders for open discussion and support where experience can be shared and challenges tackled together. Whatever your solution is always try to have an outlet, to take care of your mind, and to have perspective from outside your business, from the real world.

Will Evans
Managing Director

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