STARTing Portugal UP

Turning the “big dream” into “ambition, drive and goal” in Portugal is closer to reality than ever. On the occasion of the official launch of the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship at the StartUP Portugal event, the goal becomes very clear – to turn Portugal into the best friend of European Start-ups, thanks to its 3 billion euros in European Funds, which will allow more and more qualified jobs as well as a more diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Portugal is no longer a country for and of tourism – is a country where entrepreneurship is blooming and has become the top attraction for foreign start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators. In an economy where innovation and talent are key, Portugal now has the most qualified generation ever of entrepreneurs, thanks to the investment made in education, over the last decades. Moreover, there are other important assets (just to name a few) that put Portugal first place in the podium: first, the creation of a technology-free zone for cutting edge companies, which is essential and very innovative to create new projects; second, the necessary support for the young companies,
through the incubation and/or acceleration valleys; third, the ignition and Acceleration Vouchers worth 10 million euros, for incubation and acceleration of companies; forth the Fablabs Network, a place to create synergies and promote the launch of new spaces where scientists and researchers can test equipment’s and develop prototypes in
partnership; fifth the Startup Simplex, an initiative launched to simplify the lives of citizens and businesses concerning their relation with public services. And this is just to name a few, as I have previously referred.

In conclusion, although it seems that start-ups are here to stay and this government is here to support them, it is very important that the rest of Europe and the world are aware of what is currently happening in Portugal. So give me a P, give me an O, give me an R…..PORTUGAL!

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